N IKAN Corporation consists of commercial, planning, and economic affairs, financial and administration, and manufacturing departments.  Since the subsidiary companies are involved in commercial, manufacturing and investment activities, Nikan Corporation tries to determine appropriate strategies for directing them in the ever-changing market and global business Environment. 

Nikan Group by leaning on its experienced managers and experts tries to create an information support system and supply the subsidiary companies with expertise in new technology and identification and exploitation of opportunities.


Some of the major activities of the Nikan Corporation are as follows:

Directing and designing Long term and short term strategies for growth and development of subsidiary companies..

Allocation of resources.

Initial negotiations with trade partners for long-term cooperation.

Supervision of commercial and manufacturing activities.

Chairing the board of directors of subsidiaries and holding general meetings of companies.

Providing an information support system for subsidiaries.

Identification and exploitation of business opportunities.




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