NIKAN Corporation started its commercial activities in 1986, by establishing "AKEBONO BOEKI CO., LTD." in Tokyo.  We chose Japan to start our activities because this country is among the seven top industrial countries of the world and also the major trade partner of Iran.  Furthermore, Iran and Japan have certain common characteristics in the world trade.  The Establishment of trade relations between these two countries requires wide recognition in the field of the markets and the trade cultures of both countries.  With the broad knowledge of Iran's market, this group planned to expand its trade activities in the fields of imports, export, technology transfer, etc.  By recognition of Japanese market.  Having succeeded in Japan Market, in later years we expanded our trade activities into southeast Asian countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore which have trade cultures similar to those of Japan.

Today, "Akebono Boeki Company" is considered as one of the most active trading companies in Japan and generally in the southeast Asian region with the highest degree of trade relations with Iran.  The establishment of "Najm Al-Afaq General Trading Company" in Dubai, U.A.E. in 1993 was our next step towards expansion of trade activities between the Europe and the Middle East at the same time we began to expand our commercial activities in Iran in 1993 by inclining towards production activities and by shifting our trading view into supplying the raw materials for factories and manufacturing plants.


The new strategy was in accordance with the national development plans of Iran.  "NIKAN CORPORATION" can always be considered as a reliable trading partner for buyers and manufacturers in Iranian market that is one of the biggest markets of the Middle East.  Following this strategy, the mission in which we strongly believe is competition, high quality, suitable delivery time, continuity of business and pursuit of any problem faced by buyers and sellers.  We are aware of the fact hat the only way in which we can remain as a highly reliable group in the international trade market is to sustain and adhere to this honorable mission.





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